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Are you aware of how much antifreeze you digest and absorb into your bloodstream on a daily basis!

Here is a little explanation of why we know propylene glycol (ie anti freeze) is no good for you - it was by complete accident pushing our tolerence levels way past the limit we now know what our health issues are all about !

It all started with me and my partner having a go at cutting back on cigarettes and weening onto to using a vaping device. My partner started and after a few days he felt quite ill but didn’t know whether he’d got a bug so he stopped the vaping and went back to smoking cigarettes. Then I started using the vape device for a few days. This was when I started feeling really ill, like I was drunk or drugged, my brain wouldn’t work properly at all, I had the worse migraine and ended up with my throat hurting and my sinuses too. It’s like every nerve in my head was screaming with pain. This is when we had a look at what ingredients were in the vape juice. The ingredient at the top of the list is propylene glycol. We hadn’t got a clue what this was and was so shocked to find out it’s actually a form of anti freeze just like you put in your car, so we looked into it further.

Throughout both our lives we’ve both had allergies to certain shampoos and conditioners and shower gels and hair products, and certain creams and lotions but never been able to find out what it was we was actually allergic to. This also includes certain plug ins and room air freshener sprays. Some products give us the itches, some a rash, some just give me headaches when I put the products on my hair and the same with my partner. Since looking into propylene glycol we now realise it’s that that we’re both allergic to.

We’ve since found out that it’s not just in shower gels and lotions and creams and soap and toothpaste and hair products including the dyes I’ve been dying my hair with on a regular basis for years and years. It’s also in ready meals, ready made sauces, ice cream, takeaways and processed foods and let’s not forget the milk you drink and lots of soft drinks.

Due to our lifestyle of not having much time in the day and the fact I’m not good at cooking ie cooking meals from scratch, we do eat a lot of ready meals, convenience foods in the day and use a lot of ready made sauces and also eat a lot of takeaways as it’s an easy quick option especially when you don’t feel well.

In finding this out, both me and my partner have come to realise other health issues eg feeling swollen all the time, bad joint pain and always feeling so tired and easily get out of breath and our stomachs swelling after eating certain foods, my nails not growing healthily and breaking easy, my hair not growing and generally feeling under the weather are all effects of constantly being allergic to our lifestyles ie the food we eat and what we drink, and the cosmetic and household products we use. If your body is constantly fighting an allergy over a long period of time, joints do swell up which in turn causes pain, you will feel tired all the time and have no energy and feel under the weather as your body is constantly in battle.

It has only been a few days since finding all this out and realising the extent of how much propylene glycol has been in our every day lives we’ve started the process of cutting as much of it out of our lives as possible and can already feel a difference in our health and general wellbeing.

The trouble is when you start properly looking at labels the language they use is so mind boggling as there are so many different names for it, and then you start realising what are all these other chemicals that are being put in our food and drink and every day household items. We’ve now come to the conclusion that the only way to truly cut out as much of these chemicals as possible is to go completely as natural as possible and stearing clear of foods which have stabilisers or binding agents, preservatives and additives and other chemicals which help foods have a longer shelf life. We’re also in the process of using natural cosmetics and household items.

Propylene glycol is used to help keep foods and drinks from separating ie oils and water like a binding agent, that’s why it’s in all ready made sauces and ready meals and salad sauces etc to stop the ingredients from separating whilst they’re not being used. It is being used to for the same reason in the cosmetics and household items industry to stop ingredients separating. Also it helps change your skin structure so your skin can absorb quicker, as it takes just 26 seconds for products with propylene glycol in it to be absorbed into your blood stream. That is why it is used to help moisturise your skin and hair.

What we want to know now is if it can be absorbed into your blood stream in just 26 seconds, what else is your skin absorbing. Is this why cancer rates are up because we’ve all turned into sponges sucking into our bodies all sorts of stuff that shouldn’t be absorbed.

The medical industry say it’s safe to use in small doses but if it literally is in everything we use, every day - how do you determine if our daily doses are safe or not.

As my partner and I was leaving a supermarket last night getting into our car, he turned round and said to me that if we set up a stall up just outside the doors of this supermarket (or any other supermarket or shop) and gave away FOR FREE cups of anti freeze for people to drink, they would all 100% be horrified at the thought of drinking it and not one person would accept our freebie.....all these people are completely unaware they eat and drink it on a daily basis already - I’ve even seen online that someone found it in packs of certain frozen vegetables.

To note - the sign on the vape juice says

Warning: harmful if swallowed. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Do not eat drink or smoke when using this product. Keep out of reach of children. IF SWALLOWED call a doctor if you feel unwell. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Avoid release to the environment. Collect spillage. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations.

It also has an exclamation mark hazard symbol which means it’s hazardous to the ozone layer

And also has a hazard symbol showing a dead tree and dead fish which means it’s hazardous to the environment.

How can someone come to the conclusion it’s ok to smoke it into your lungs but hazardous to everything else, and you must wash your hands. Remember it only takes 26 seconds to enter your blood stream.

The world health organisation says the max daily intake should be 25mg (1/40th of a gram) per day but because law states they don't have to put it in the nutrient list on packaging how do we know how much we're absorbing and digesting on a daily basis !

Just to conclude I’m now seeing if anyone else has been going through the same horrors with their health and this substance.

We would love to find out about any products be in cosmetic/household and foods/drink that is completely propylene glycol free so I can share it with others in the same situation as us so please feel free to share on this page any you come across

***I've since found out it is actually liquid plastic and it sucks the oxygen out of it, which explains why hair spray with it in gives me headaches, all lack of oxygen getting to my head and hair... and if it goes down drains from us all washing in it, is it being put into our rivers and eventually the ocean......could this be why whales and dolphins beach themselves, are they swimming into pockets of this stuff and its literally suffocating them as it sucks the oxygen out of the water....kinda makes sense eh***

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