Your truth

It's obvious what they're doing theyre writing the history of the future which works like this

In hundreds of years time people will be able to read about the great plague virus how it swept across the world how all the governments tried to come together vaccinating everybody best as they cud isolating people lock downs etc etc to no avail had the non believers that carried on protesting spreading the disease this is why we tried to ban all public gatherings and protests but because they wudnt listen people started dying in their thousands, it got to the stage where we had to develop the new world order controlling the people for their better good trying to isolate the unvaxxed away from the vaxxed but the damage was done, if only the non believers wud have listened cuz we are the scientists the experts and were the people u must listen to because we had yr best interests at heart, just look at the death rates between 2020 onwards it's all covid 19 and variants of killing people faster than cancer and heart attacks, it took hundreds of years to get it under control by controlling the people for their better interests, people will ask where are all the bodies of the past and they will say everyone had to be cremated to control the disease

Havent we seen this in history before where do all the ancient civilisations go where are the bodies and they'll say it's because they didnt listen

Dont let it happen dont let them rewrite history leave markers everywhere time capsules everywhere truth bombs leave little time capsules in your back gardens in the woods in the trees everywhere

Everything can be erased off a phone - how many photos have u lost off your phones

Make it difficult for them to reset anything because there will be physical evidence buried everywhere

Buy some sheet lead and scratch it in lasts forever

Scratch in your truth and bury it - truth bombs makes it difficult and remember lead repels radiation so it cant get destroyed by it, juicy has done this on all the churches and castles and cathedrals he's worked on in the past cuz he knows itll be there in hundreds of years time

The Roman's used to do this scratch wishes into lead and throw it into rivers....or were they ancient truth bombs

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