Your energy

A few on telegram etc have been talking about their energy being stolen/drained feeling anxious about it...

Have a little go of playing with your energy and make an energy ball like a snowball between your hands with open fingers and keep gently bouncing bigger and smaller till u feel your energy and spend some time playing with it feeling it getting to know it .....and then start talking to your energy and the universe/higher self and explain your anxiety about your energy being stolen and ask if there is any way your energy can change format and personalise it to you alone unless you give permission ....that will then make it incompatible with anyone else unless you give permission, and then no one will be able steal it .....takes away that problem forever and u wont need to keep saging every room everywhere u go

If u feel uncomfortable about asking this try asking thru a pendulum and chart to your higher self

The universe and your energy will help as stealing or treating energy badly is a very serious offence xx

If u also set the intentions that no one will drain your energy or steal it or affect your energy in any negative way it's not allowed

When I used to feel anxious especially going sleep in bed when my mind wud start churning, I wud ask the energy to hold my hand until I fall asleep if that is ok, and I wud feel a warmth in the palm of my hand....its very comforting xx

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