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What a journey that was wow wow wow it was all to do with rounding everything up end of 1 quantum start of the new one, everybody that had done wrong has been held accountable in the space trial that means anybody caught consuming any energies that are part of the galactic universes are held responsible by death, we was part of holding the trial against these people and what they have done and how they did it, the royal star family hold the highest position of all positions through all galaxies where ever they may be and the stars have been always watching everything what has been going on so now as we know the 21st and 22nd is getting closer the rest of the journey was part of repairing everything building a brand new quantum which was the maximum amount of permutations that could ever be done in any sequence ever, when Juicy had finished it 2 guys rushed into the room and said that's it, you win we're out.

They gave him a code and the code was we was 1 point away from destruction. Juicy got the 1 point away and the start point so he realised then he had the end point and the start point and he put the 2 points together and between them 2 points is absolutely everything he then pushed them together and locked it, this is when he heard that no one was allowed to use any quantum through space time voids and starlight unless it came through us directly from the royal star family. Even the galactic federation has to have permission through the royal star family before entering any voids space and anything else in regards to the quantum, this also protects all the energies and everything within the quantum cuz no negative can ever re manifest itself, this quantum looks after everything within as its made out of every little creature that holds everything together and creates everything and this was the law of space, anybody that harms any little energy which is part of building and holding all the universes together will be held accountable.

By taking 1 of these out of the function of holding it all together it can destroy the rest of everything that has been created, this law has always been there protecting space and time and everything else within.

And that's just the start of it lol

you can share that with people and put it out there

Juicy & Lucy x

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