Wondered why i'd never got round to buying any crystals lol

juicy has spent the last 9 days getting rid of crystal in my head

anyone who is a close friend knows the pain i've had on a regular basis in my head like a metal spike being driven in the top of my head.... back at the beginning of time when we got clank clank banged the wrong uns shoved a shard of crystal thru the top of my head and that's what's been happenin, that crystal has been reflecting the wrong way and creating the weave of evil, had the original weaver come and take it out and re-weave my brain (energy wise before everyone starts throwing up lol) to heal it wow wow wow feel so much better .....that's why I cud never see as much of the energy as Juicy does, am excited to see now what he sees

that crystal that has been causing all the problems was the 1st ever crystal the 1st star was made out of, its always been infected with the dinosaur energy and everything cuz it was reflecting back up to it, it even infected the nile where life 1st started cuz of the reflection of all the old dinosaur energy and aggression in it, thats why it all had to be removed cuz it was also programming all the other crystals which then causes all the problems obvsly thats why its all been converted over to the new liquid glass energy with flower coding .....individuality is the new constant of the universe and an individual flower for everybody and everything

oh and just to add we dumped all our old energy that we used to work with cuz it was also all infected, it was ours to dump so we dumped it all in between 2 parallels and once it clears the parallels its not relevant anymore and therefore disappears #JobDone

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