Whistle Blower 不

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Fucking hell this is fucking funny.....just watching JC vid on using pendulum and chart right, so I haven't got a pendulum or a chart (v organised as usual) so all I've got is my old rave whistle on the original string i used to wear round my neck (don't really do jewellery anymore so haven't got a necklace) and I opened a chart on my iPad and asked 1 question

Is this rave whistle good enuf to be a pendulum

And it only fucking said NO lmao 不不不不

How fucking funny is that lmfao literally tucked up with laughter 不不不

1stly wasnt expecting an answer 2ndly it was a fucking strong answer no way did I move it and 3rdly it used it as a pendulum whilst telling me it wasnt good enuf to be a pendulum

Have I just had an argument with my non pendulum lol or has it got an awesome sense of humour 不不不

And that also proves there is no No anymore and no means yes

We used up all the No's/negatives and it just proved that cuz it was a fucking strong No whilst meaning yes lmfao

I'm now known as the whistle blower lmfao had another little go of my whistle pendulum fuck me it works ....its kinda freaked me out a little lol ....I asked if it needed me to do anything it said no wrong I asked if it was a man or woman and it said universe and i said where am i from it said tomorrow 不不不不不 that ties in with us walking into the future on our last little trip

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