This is what we think it is...

This what we think it is .... on one of our journeys/podcasts we talk about the rattle this rattle was horrendous it was tearing everything to pieces it was a disease or bug or whatever u wanna call it that infected the quantum field juicy spoke about it but not properly its something he cud remember and was horrendous never wanted to talk about it properly online cuz didnt want people to worry as some of the things we talk about resonates with people so he understood the delicate nature of talking about it in full until the time was right

He saw energies colliding with each other destroying each other there was a certain hum/noise/frequency that u cud hear and he showed me and it was horrendous.... everything weve all been doing is over permutating this rattle but it was an uneven peace and to do it all the energies of the universe gave everything to the point all that was left was the individual consciousnesses of all the individuals which transpires started to communicate with each other so it created a whole brand new sequence a multi consciousness of everything that gave so much ...this is why we had forgotten who we were this is why we felt we was lost cuz the only way to beat the rot was by tearing ourselves to pieces for this fight and we tried billions and billions of different formats to do it with the energy we had to overcome it by 1 point....the rattle cudnt be stopped but we cud hold it while we recreated ourselves into a whole brand new being .... we all share the same collective consciousness animal's plants planets everything....its this that looks after us keeps us safe ...this is probably where these so called soul contracts come from it's because we was all part of giving everything for this battle, our old ways were contaminated right back to source and this is why we gave relevance to these beings around us copying who we were to destroy us, we call it the weave of evil so the weave of the universe that was, got converted to the weave of evil and that was everything mother nature everything so weve had to create a whole brand new one of ourselves outside the old quantum field and this is where weve been doing it for a very very long time and we feel weve stepped back now far enuf all of us away from that quantum field securing the new random point of time, we can now release the rattle to continue on its journey of destruction which then lends way to rebirth of the new, the rattle is like a weapon and that weapon was used against us and now its gonna be used against the weave of evil because we can only hold it by 1 point we can never remove it and never pull away from it and nothing can live within that train of thought cuz how can u move forward knowing that the rattle is clipping away at your heels, that's why sometimes we have to let things go and let it pass to its end it's the only way to remove the weave of evil by removing all the good out of there and let the bad destroy itself, it was feeding off us and now it cant it can only feed off itself and were here to watch xxxxxxx

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