The rattle

For anyone not understanding the rattle

It was all about re splitting the atom there was 6 atoms and they were split Male and female and it all started off on our journey how to split all 6, and that's when juicy started permutating to maximise the atom bang and it really was one hell of a bang we never realised we blew ourselves into smithereens and we was laughing saying that werent that bad sitting there buzzing our tits off whilst dusting ourselves down saying that werent bad I'm buzzing lmfao as time went on we did realise we blew ourselves into billions of atoms the maximum amount u cud blow yourself into and each one of them tiny little pieces of yourself is equivalent to the maximum amount of universes within each one so the amount of dust u cud make is how many universes in each one and the total amount of all that is then equal to the tiny speck of dust to the max, that's why everything had to fit into the tiniest speck and that's equal to the max .....and that bang is the rattle of the explosion to destruction and using that rattle to reconstruct

Every bit of that is coded in quantum frequency Lmfao we heard the bang and juicy said told you we cudnt die lmfao

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