Subconscious fear

Just something to think about before the podcast on Saturday - we're space travellers always have been always will be, but it came to the point where we ran out of room to continue building things universes etc and every one of the universes we've built and been part of before were all relevant to and from each other - thats why we have the amnesia issue regarding previous lives, as we're not allowed to remember them cuz of the fear of relevant to and from where we've come from and who we are and what we perpetual fear of consequences regarding relevance, so if you start thinking indifferent to relevant to and from previous lives it wud then break the cycle which then could implode time and space around us ie consequences. This has been made clear to us on our journeys and the new universe of the future is breaking the cycle between the old ones and the limitations that causes to move forward freely without consequences of the old around us. This is probably why people have ocd - its the fear of doing something indifferent and if they dont do it the universe around them will collapse. Also being scared to think outside of the box, getting stuck in old ways, without being able to break the cycle of it even though you think you are. The list is endless but it all comes down to the common nuts and bolts why, why is it hard to change the cycle, why is it hard to try something new, why do you fear it, and why the powers that be try to shut us down from breaking that mould thinking differently etc etc its the fear of changing the existing relevant to and from, trying to control it but to their own gains as well. All these things are embedded in to your psyche of fear and its so easy to get rid of it which then frees the mind the body the soul everything which then gives you room to recreate everything - lets in memories of past freely and frees the brain to enjoy the expanding future outside the confines of relevant to and from xx 💜💜💛💛✨✨

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