Stone from our magical last journey

Hiya all, we've been thinking about sharing parts of the stone we brought back from our last journey (abracadabra podcast #10) and juicy has been busy breaking it up and polishing each piece the best he can. The whole stone is full of what looks like quartz and also fossils, its really heavy as well, its deceiving..... Its part of the wall we was taken to, but we haven't hacked down the wall lol it was a piece that had broken away and was on the floor. Everybody that has been in contact with the stone has felt a lovely vibe off it, and so we thought we'd give others the opportunity to have a piece. Because we have moved from the house we did most of our journeying at, the energy has loaded itself into the stone so we can take it with us which is lovely. The journey when we got taken to the wall was all about planet purple and for a good 4 weeks before that we was working with the energy of planet purple and all the animals and fairy tales. We're gonna talk more about it on the next podcast which should be this weekend. We're gonna talk about alot of the back stories which we've not really spoken about before, when we get taken on our travels and we get involved with different things we enter into a different dimension. Sometimes we do quite a few different dimensions at the same time. Planet purple was lovely, there was a distinct perfume and extremely good vibes - the best lol and lots of energies to help us. Juicy has been talking for a while about needing our own crystal for the abracadabra clock, one that hasn't been named contaminated or given a purpose or a latin name by corporate. With this stone give it whatever name you would like, whatever pops into your head. It would be a good idea to do the same with the other crystals you own. Give it a new name and purpose, thats personal to you. Then you are not beholden to someone elses ideas or reasons!

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