Star Rain

juicy knows what they are it was part of our last journey and what they are is like almost like a fly but not a fly almost like nano bot technology but they're not cuz he asked... and the universe knows what they are, and they're fucking horrible (by you knowing what they are it will stop it) just by us talking about it should nail it as knowledge is power....we've seen them before on our travels and they all join together and start evolving themselves into things they take control of ele ctrical sockets and pictures and everything and create its own horrible energy and this is the rattle we've been talking about, like a space disease what we've been fighting for a very long time, and the ancients knew about this ie the lost builder race, and thats why they sent us into the future to catch it and take control of it, it was almost like it was tearing the universe to pieces and when you open them up its all destructive stuff inside like tanks guns bombs.......because she is sensitive she is picking up what it is bless her.....this is the war we've been fighting for a very long time and due to the fact Juicy permutates and without sounding mad or whatever where we've come from juicy is the only one who has a star ship and he's been asked to do things for millitary and stuff which we've done for ever cuz this all comes from the ancient builder race and Akashic records we found out thats who we work for, on the last journey we've been on it revealed the flight path we've been on and it was going round and round and round and round the universe, if you can imagine that space is like a field where it grows flat and all of that was contaminated with all of that....and every little energy that was part of the construction of the universe gave every little bit of itself to work out how many times we've gotta go round and round and round and round to over permutate this disease, we call it space disease, but the consciousness of each one of them was kept safe and on our window its almost like a port hole of what happens on the outside we had star rain hit the window and it was almost like the universe of all the bits of star rain with all the bits of energy that gave everything of itself, and everything was worked out through permutations how to win the war and what we had to do......thats when juicy realised what he'd been doing and he could see what had been going on and the battles and the trapped energies that willingly gave themselves to do what we had to do but they masked it over with fairy tales stories because juicy is not millitary, and this has been going on for light years round and round until he realised he over permutated and shut it down, but its a fragile piece until more people understand it.....but the war has been won because we have both heard and felt the silence, so when you read this to yourself it will read with the fairy tale stories like it did with juicy but once you've finished reading it sit still and listen and feel the peace and the silence......the rattle will stop, and if you surround your family with that believe me its everything cuz the last journey we went on is all about rebuilding the universe using the abracadabra which is everything and using all the destructive rattle as the road map and pattern for reconstructing 🧡💙❤️🧡💙💋💋💋💋

all you've got to do is connect yourself to the subconscious of the universe or the star rain cuz its the same thing....that is the peace and the silence.......the star rain is the flight path through the stars its the clippings every time we went thru

each one is a universe that has been rebuilt

tell your loved ones to connect to the star rain.....its easier, thats the flight path through the stars we did which is quantum jumping etc etc

its all the consciousness all every little bit of energy of the universe that makes everything all individual little pieces, like rain drops on the window, its the consciousness of every little bit of energy of the universe all on one window, and they all turned into little star ships dancing round, then the window opened into like a big bubble which is the universe

Think of everything that's happening in reverse so abracadabra is the universe that it was and each one of them rings is a dome or universe which total is universe completion and they've all been pushed into the 12 into the clock so we can deal with the problem that was in the universe, our last mission was getting everything to re open full size on the 9th parallel which is 1 to the 9 which is purification of the madness space disease squeezed everything into this one to deal with it and abracadabra has got a locking mechanism clank clank clank clank bang all the numbers are all the codes into the centre, and that's why everything feels more empty now cuz its open that's why we was all trapped in this rebirth rebirth to get it sorted, by us understanding what it is it fully it then automatically opens infinity expansion and healing of what this disease was

I've just read what I wrote outloud and both me and Juicy at same time did the biggest star fish stretch and roar exactly at the same time wtaf 🤣🤣🤣 !!!

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