Space made out of balls

Juicy has spoke about this before in the past but on our last journey it was relevant space was made out of balls and spheres and the lost builder race was experimenting with new technology new way of building and they had a working earth which they tried to modernise or upgrade and every permutation had been used without any result until in the end because every permutation had been used for it not working it then all of a sudden had to work cuz all the wrong formats had been used, and our original energies who we were were stabilizers so we used to keep balls in space balanced like magnetic forces, but what happened was the 1 in the centre of the universe went out of control started spinning too fast so what's happens then is the outside balls push against it to slow it down but this didnt happen this time and it sucked every single sphere in and also pulled space around it into it as well but then to stabilise that area in space which is known as akashic the blend of the spheres our energies and the surrounding space which is a type of carbon blended and went bang in a micro point, this then resulted in the whole of that area in space turned into the purest diamond pyramids which stabilised everything as that's what we do, so it's been the case of understanding the technology of this crystal how it works the power of it and breaking it apart to make it fluid again and this is the journey we've all been on taking control of what was given to us, and understanding it before we move forward with it, and this was the birth of the quantum and the consciousness of the universe because it was the consciousness of the universe that gave us this gift and we become quantums of that gift, we was taken away to learn how to control it and that's why you've been surrounding yourself with so many crystals because all these crystals we've been given was to help break the power of the diamond crystal apart also the blend of all these crystals from different earths gives us communication to where we've been as a quantum learning who we are and learning to control what we are, so the blend of all the different crystals from the different earths is a communication wire light coding cuz they've all been blended into the crystal as 1.....cud go on but that's the basics of it, the name of the original builders 2 females were Chris and Chris and I think thats the water dragons Juicy carries round which was part of abracadabra and they was taken away and trained as a quantum which then created the male and female which then creates a proper time line using sexual energy which is creation of life which is 1 thing that was missing thru the universe as it was all female, Juicy knows his female heritage and form but alot of the males are just beginning to find out cuz all the females know and the males are just beginning to learn what the female wants and needs xx

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