Something we've all forgotten about

How we got here and how possibly we can go home....everybody talks about this recycling that we're trapped within this death and rebirth system almost

like a prison planet, how does this cycle work and how possibly to break it.. people talk about different chackras etc but does anybody talk about how

these were formed in the 1st place cuz the point of creation of our whole physical being in its entirity was created thru the belly button its where

your connection to life started its where the creation was created its where everything within our creation was created from it a porthole its

what we used to step in to this realm and can we use it to step out, can we use it as a channel to previous lifes, are the controllers using this tap

for loosh to recycle your life source energy etc so for instance your original umbilical cord converts the food from your mother or vessel of entry and

then converts that into an energy and then that energy then creates life, when your born the physical umbilical cord is cut but there has to be an original

energy pathways through that cord thru that belly button which are still within us, just that they've been turned off and redirected to a false source for

the controllers to use as this eternal birth and death cycle, so can we go thru the whole sequence of our adulthood in reverse thru the whole birthing

process to the point of the spark of life that then connects us to all our sparks of life that we've ever had, is this the source energy of creation,

which it makes sense that it is, can we tap back into this source and redivert it to where it shud be not where its been used for wrong, so by redirecting

this theory u can redirect your source energies to where it shud be going to to guide us home using it as a porthole to the source energy of life, now the

belly button is also known as your navel or nave, nave means centre point of something, so for instance you can see how we've been on the wheel of

misfortunate because nave is the centre point of a wheel so by redirecting your source energy thru your navel belly button you can redirect it onto the

wheel of good fortune hence closing down this cycle that we've all been trapped in, now everbody has a sciatic nerve which is usually down the left hand

side of your body, and its only on one side but some people can be born with it on their right hand side, and which ever side its on is where u have back

problems knee problems etc etc it doesn't seem to matter which side its on it functions the same,

is this our hidden energy source of the umbilical cord which we've all forgotten about, its probably being used for wrong which is why its so painful, and it

connects u to their grid the wheel of misfortune, your belly button is your central point of balance what ever size you are, how tall or small it makes no

difference its your pivital balancing point thats

why its called navel, now churches use this format within their buildings, the centre point of a church is known as the knave then all your aisles chancels

towers come off that, all churches are on a grid north south east and west, so it connects to a magnetic frequency, now if u believe in flat earth or not it

dont matter but there is a north pole and something there has a magnetic field, if this has been contaminated then your navel life source connection can

be harvested probably at this point, on the flat earth theory u can see how it can create the wheel of misfortune because its the pivotal point thats why

polaris the north star always links together at that point so has polaris got anything to do with our previous history where all the Akashic records are

stored, is this where the saying comes from 'we've got the fingers on the buttons' do they mean belly button source energy? Just the knowledge of this

switches off the wheel of misfortune, as we know they are not creators they have to use our source energy to create with, turn off the wheel of misfortune,

switch on the wheel of fortune plentyful knowledge wellbeing etc etc, does this connect u to the firmament above us, is this why people talk about in the

past that everything we needed was always given to us from the universe and everything around us so we don't have to go around killing animals and destroying

planets and everything else for food, is that where the frequency is the correct frequency, the higher frequencies which then can tune your physical thru

the umbilical cord, all them original energy pathways are still there just need to switch them on to the new frequency and light code which is obvs there

for us to tap into, all individual for everybody all coming together as 1 to live as individuals but as 1, individuality is probably the new source code

what we've all been looking for, all individual creating the one source energy, it makes the coding of the universe alot safer, if we're all from the same

source it can easily be contaminated, u contaminate 1 u contaminate the lot, its like putting poison in water theyre all seperate drops of water but it all

gets contaminated when it comes together as 1, and maybe this is what they did because of who we used to be, but by us all being individual drops of water

with invididual source codes, 1 little bit of poison in 1 cannot be contaminated to the rest but then the many protect the 1 thats been contaminated, it

actually eradicates it because we are all 1, the billions look after the 1

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