That's why we are sharing it to see if it resonates with anyone else

We've never met anyone else on our travels or been inhindered with different things

Its amazing how its helping wake people up in so many different ways

And it's also magical in the humour side of it hasn't got the goodly godly structure behind it its fluid and free flowing and new as well

Even the word God is 3d it's got 3 letters in in and ends in d .....the whole thing has been constructed by it to control

The 10 commandments has been structured to control people which has since changed to police control with the same 10 commandments

Religion and police state belief is the same thing to control

God is masculine and so is jesus the whole thing is controlled by male entities, that word has been used for wars and destroying countries and populations

There is no positive behind that word whatsoever it's pure negative

That word lines up perfectly with the non entity and what it does

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