Podcast this Saturday

juicy has touched on this about demanifesation on the last podcast and if it helps empower u we are the watchers not the victims, the wrong uns that are here not listening to reason and the truth are all different alien species that have been bought here we've give them our form made em feel like they're part of the universe and the planet to look after to prove they can be a positive entity to move forward in the new positively expanding universe we're not judge and jury of who goes forward but we're here to guide them on their last chance and see reason .......time has run out and they still haven't changed their ways and wont, its sad but its true ...so its time we all let go and let the universe do its job, and they wont be going thru to the new positively expanding universe and unfortunately us manifesting seeing the good in all these is just prolonging the inevitable, so we're gonna be talking about how to demanifest ourselves out of the sequence, we gave them all this technology all out of our original spaceship and all they do is use it for wrong, its time to put the ship back together and fly xx

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