We've done it.........we've set up Patreon for the juice group at the lowest tier for all - I have shared the recipe and vids for general public to still view without becoming members, and also we're doing our off the grid blog and abracadabra stuff on the other tiers if your interested

We've done it this way, so that i'm not profiteering off peoples illness, plus if fb does ever get shut down we can carry on no probs..... one thing we've always been adamant about is not profiteering off making the juice or selling the juice or our tweaked version of the recipe ....always been adamant everyone has to make it for themselves

This juice makes itself to your personal needs even if you don't know what they are ✨💛🥂

Here is the reason why......

We've got to the stage now where we think we're prob being attacked in the juice group on facebook by big farma as i'm getting so many time wasters and trouble makers wanna change the recipe and basically just causing trouble and its a constant battle.........I've taken some advice on the situation off those that what i'm having to do is I'm setting up a Patreon group so literally all traffic will eventually come through that where u get all the up to date results and we can all have a chit chat if need be and Q and A sessions (still working it all out lol) censorship free of course

Im adamant about anybody me included not making money off selling the juice or recipe but feel the only way to put a curb on big farma is to put a small fee on it (we're thinking roughly £1 per week) which will give us easier control over it, no one will have algorithms breathing down their necks lol

fb cud shut us down at any time, because its becoming more and more obvs that this juice and supplements works !!!! The thought of the group being shut down is turning me into a nervous wreck lol and the amount of people putting stuff on there which get the attention of algorithms and fact chuckers and they just do not listen to the rules stating any key words shud change the spelling corrrrrrr

The trouble makers and time wasters are growing every day, and its not fair on people who need help and this juice does help, so many different random ailments for everyone

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