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We know some one who died an hour after having the vacks

We also know plenty who have been injured from vacks

Were gonna talk about this on our podcast that we all feel like weve been sent in for an experience or whatever u wanna call it but one thing that keeps going round our heads is that people talk about the akashic records which is code of the universe and alot of us can tap into it

Now this is just a theory on things that are presented to us

Is it a few things but the main one is when we look out the window are we looking at the akashic records, the akashic records record everything that has happened are we all investigating what went on within a universe has it took us such a long time to get here from wherever we come from by the time we got here had this planet/ universe already gone bang does this make sense with tartaria the churches the buildings etc photos of empty cities was it us that took photos of what happened to a civilisation cuz someone took the photos or is it records from akashic files ....when we manifest things is it the akashic records we draw upon is there ancient lost souls here that have something to do with where we come from ...every adult was a child once upon a time so saving the children cud be saving our lost souls that were stolen and used in this evil universe so in respect were saving ourselves our ancient selves

But has the rot or evil whatever u wanna call it stole this format it probably created it's own beings that's why it's been experimenting with dna and everything for such a long time trying to hide itself on a parallel universe ...are we all investigators working for a space force or whatever it is like were watching it play out ...policitians people of power stars etc quite blatantly weald the sign of the devil cuz its normal....however we try to help these people in regards to what's right and what's wrong they're still quite happy to walk off the edge of the cliff cuz maybe it happened a very long time ago it explains the mudfloods just debris over a period of time that built up it explains where all the bodies have gone and the unfortunate thing is it was probably sending shock waves all the way thru the universe to where we come from and this just might be rewriting the akashic records and finding out the extent of the rot and who and why physical and energy weve got some brilliant doctors lawyers etc which are piecing the whole thing together and how these people still have positions of power is mind boggling but if were just watching what went on then it makes sense cuz we cant change the course of history within that time line we can all learn from it we can rescue lost souls of our ancient selves ...people wonder why these people wont wake up and they wont alot of em cuz it all went bang a very long time ago but were all here to try and guide souls people whatever but the unfortunate thing is were only finding ourselves which makes sense with the non player characters people keep talking about ...

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