Gonna write the rest of the story today on what has happened, which will take everybody back so they can remember who they were and the origins of where they all came from connecting people to their ancient self so they can connect to their original space energy which has been stripped away to the point we wasnt far off to being stripped to nothing then it wud have been gone and lost forever ....all memories wud have been stripped too far back it wud have been too far gone, so its gonna put everybody onto the beach next to the nile where the attack happened, this attack was premeditated to steal our original dna and sending us on a different path, basically we've always looked like this but it was stolen by a certain breed of dinosaurs which origins come from the infection of the nile with a blue nile crocodile which then turned into the dinosaurs which was written into the original nile by the brother that was booted out injecting his future into a negative universe 🧡🧡💙💙

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