lovely guy on fb has kindly let me share his benefits of quinine

So, as I am waiting for the first batch of month four to be done...

...I am reflecting on how amazing quinine has been to me in the short time I've been enjoying it.

Did I start with a few table spoons and ramp up? No... just not the way this guy rolls.

The first time, I downed a full low ball glass of the golden liquid and quickly doubled that to have a glass twice a day.

Recently, I had some blood work done... and based on many years of high impact lifestyle... I was a bit worried about results.

It looks like some changes in my habits at the beginning of the year and the introduction of quinine conspired to provide a pleasant surprise.

All blood cell counts were optimal, kidney and liver function spot on and other numbers danced happily in the middle of the road...

...meaning no deficiencies or excess of unwanted things.

Needless to say, I am over the moon... and beyond!

This guy will continue to consume his liquid gold twice daily...

...and thoroughly enjoy it.

Deep bow of gratitude for the recipe and beautiful intent with which it was shared.

Now... I'm going back to flying

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