Letter to Sky re blanket banning re school letter & bank scam

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Dear Board of Directors

We write to you in regards to your actions regarding globally blanket banning our website www.juicyandlucy.com through your broadband which we see as a gross misconduct of freedom of speech and learning as it clearly quotes on your policies and standards

Our website is all about your mission statement ie made by people who dare to challenge and made for people who want clarity in an uncertain world and we take you to the heart of the stories that shape our world. - Your words not mine

It clearly quotes here weapons, violence, gore and hate. All your broadcasting contains all of the aforementioned, wars 24 hours a day which contain weapons hate death etc etc which you quite clearly show to children 24 hours a day on your news broadcast. Then there are films documentaries and soaps all promoting hate, fighting and negativity. Our website contains links to Henry’s Cat which is a kids cartoon, music – we tell people about Clause 58 Criminal justice bill by reason of that it was portrayed that it was to do with homeless people and travellers when in fact that wasn’t the case, because if it was the case why is this clause still active today and why wasn’t it individualised ie if they wanted to stop travellers and illegal parties and the homeless it could have been a separate bill but it wasn’t and isn’t, it was all about banning music breaking people apart, individualising and breaking the will of the people, exactly the same as the coal miners up to present day. As you are the news people, who tell the news and truth we don’t think its any coincidence that all these draconian laws have been brought in by the conservative party on 3 separate occasions. But we also know you’re owned by the banks – we went down this road in 2004 because we had the scoop on the bank frauds re Barclays Halifax Lloyds Cheltenham & Gloucester the Land Registry the Law Society the courts and Intelligent Finance owned by the Halifax but based in Scotland doing fraudulent mortgages. Now the powers that be know who we are and our blanket ban might be due to the podcast we did re fraudulent mortgages as mentioned above. We don’t believe in coincidences – isn't it funny how someone on your board works for Barclays Bank and vice chairman for banking for europe.

So as you are not clear in what exactly we are being blanket banned for, you’ve now got defamation of character - the act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation. If the defamatory statement is printed or broadcast over the media it is libel and, if only oral, it is slander.

As you are portraying us in these categories nor have you written to us in regards to your issues with our website, or even made us aware of the fact you have blanket banned it. Someone else kindly told us. So please can you clarify why you never got in touch with us personally regarding this matter, was you hoping we was unaware of this fact. Also how many people go on the dark web using your broadband facilities hmmmmm and lots of other unlawful sites, which you are quite happy not banning. So as you can see we have a major issue with you and this isn’t going to go away until its rectified, as in with the banking saga which the powers that be know what we did and who we are, we know that for a fact because how ridiculous does this look being blanket banned by your broadband for a simple little website when you look at what you do. People have the right to learn about whats being not told by yourself and others on your platforms and we know why, its cuz your funded by the banks agenda’s etc etc. There is millions of people out there that have serious concerns of what they’re being told isn’t all the truth and you know that as well as us and them. So now we come to covid 19 – a vaccine that has been rushed thru has no testing, no test results and it’s a brand new type of vaccine that re-writes your dna which a lot of people aren’t happy with by reason of their not subservient like a lot of people and have serious legitimate concerns re this because they don’t trust the powers that be – and for good reason when your blanket banning those that have a different view on the situation. Maybe its due to the letter we’ve given to parents to serve teachers across the country and world. It teaches them sovereignty and common law, and the fact you can take a liable case against anyone personally for a lack of duty of care for each fellow human. That is fact ! Please see copy of letter below *** Dear Board of Directors/Head of school/and all staff

In regards to your immunisation policies which is obviously being directed from the Governments ie the NHS coming into the schools with the flu jab which I presume must be the intramuscular vaccination as its not clearly written for the normal person. You need to clarify this on your paperwork to make it clear what it is, we’re only assuming that is what it is because of the way its been worded it almost seems like its being hidden, and why haven’t you questioned this with Intra Health to make it clear for parents. Also you have a duty of care whilst the child is at your school and its obvious that you have not questioned the side effects that are happening globally due to the experimental rna vaccine which re-writes your dna - not a normal vaccine, its brand new and has been rushed through without any kind of testing or safety requirements considering everyone is different and everybody is going to have a different reaction. This is where it now gets a little bit messy in regards to your personal involvement with this fast tracked health experiment which could have massive implications in the future regarding side effects, like with the thalydomide medication and as you are part of the education board you should be educating yourself proving your worth that what you teach and preach to the children daily you also abide by as well. It’s called learning, because alI I see is you are taking everything on gospel that everything is ok, and the only worry is that you have to separate yourself for 14 days after vaccination which you clearly quote as being asymptomatic which is kind of worrying really as its supposed to be containing this virus, not creating thousands of asymptomatic carriers. Even with the flu jab you become asymptomatic and can spread it to someone else, which is never talked about and the flu kills thousands every year. Liability

Liability – where does it lie. Who is at fault if anything goes wrong. Who do we sue. Who do we hold responsible. Liable after care. You seem to mention nothing of this under the terms of the vaccination contract, because it is being held on your premises under you duty of care and so called wisdom. Parents that are not aware of the above aforementioned have the right to know who is liable for any damages to that child whilst they are in your duty of care, and for the rest of their life and their children if anything happens etc etc, because you are solely responsible for the duty of care of that child on your premises when they have this experimental vaccination. You seemed to have completely missed all this off the consent form. Is this premeditated fabrication with intent because to let you know and other parents know that you can’t hide behind the system when it comes to liability because we’re just letting everybody know that each individual can be held personally responsible for any side effects/death in the future due to this experiment. Because a civil case can be taken out against each individual stripping you out of the system so you have no protection because as a human being you have a duty of care also. This isn’t all about keeping your job and pensions and doing as you are told because you don’t wanna lose your pensions cuz you’re a civil servant, and civil means relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns and servant means a person who performs duties for others which actually contradicts itself, its like one cancels the other out. Also parents have the right to have full knowledge of what is in that medication prior to the event, and also side effects that could happen. Here again no information has been divulged (worrying because this is a legal requirement). Also as you are well educated, you must know about the Nuremberg trial which was held in Switzerland regarding crimes against humanity doing unethical human experimetation, which you are now allowing to happen on your premises underneath a fictional law. These mandated laws and immunisation programs are done so by reason of a fake law. Here again you’re the education system and you should learn more about this and teach, but your not allowed to because its not a part of the specified curiculum, and if you don’t know, its about a contract. Your birth certificate signs you into a system of slavery whilst being unaware of this fact. It’s a fraudulent contract which goes all the way back to maritime law and originally it was a law written for somebody born of sea (ie not on land or of a country). It actually means you are dead lost at sea and your birth certificate writes you into this because you wasn’t present at the contract. So lets use the law against the law, a legal contract/affidavit - the legal requirements of this is all parties participating in this contract have to be all fully aware and in knowledge of all implications at the time it is signed by all parties involved. That is the legal requirement for a contract to be binding. Just to let you know the child wasn’t there or aware, and could not be physically aware neither as the birth certificate has to be done within 4 weeks of birth. The parents are unaware of what they are signing their child into, so the only people’s that do know are the Governments that enforce this law which makes it null and void and fraudulent. So as you can see this is why we have concerns because it’s the same people now enforcing experimental vaccination programs to the masses including children and we want to know where you stand with regards to your self learning about all the aforementioned and what can go wrong ie by not answering back you are liable because I request an answer, by answering back you are also liable if you do not agree with these concerns, because they are legitimate concerns that have to be upheld by you personally. By ignoring these concerns then obviously you have a personal motive which is I want to keep my job/pension etc etc etc. So money means more to you than my concerns. And this is what can and will be used in a civil case if need be. This hangs over every individual of employment in the system and it will never go away because you are always going to be held responsible. I await an answer requested.


So that is the letter that is currently doing the rounds being served to teachers across the world. Can you tell me where hate weapons violence and gore is in that letter? I request an answer to this whole letter if that is your issue with our website. If its not this then it can only be Barclays bank participation in the banking scam. Within this letter that we wrote for concerned parents and worried children – because they don’t want the vaccine either, but you the powers that be seem to forget and not care about the worries of parents and young children. Your news only ever shows one side of this situation. News has to be balanced by law to the point if you have a psychic or people with alternative spiritual thoughts on a news program you always have someone from the church to balance it. This hasn’t happened with regards to covid 19 there is no balance of both sides of the argument/view. And the reason you get round that is with draconian laws. Within the content of our letter we clearly quote that public health and schools have not attached the vaccine ingredients side effects etc etc information for parents to view prior to vaccines being rolled out in school. It was never attached to any letter sent to parents anywhere – the only forms they were given is a yes or no to the jab which is illegal because it is a legal requirement to inform the person of vaccine ingredients (in case of allergies) and potential side effects. And a child would not know any answers to any of these legal requirements on their own which is wrong. It’s gross misconduct of your laws. So we are making parents aware of this matter because its their rights to know it. Everybody has the right to tell people if its in the publics interest, which you are now blanket banning.

As you must be in full knowledge of the Nuremberg Trials and the outcome stating that no human can be experimented on without full consent and awareness which as above is breaking that law. We also within this letter we make people aware that every human being has a duty of care to look after each other on a moral standing, so individuals can be held responsible and liable for endangering another life because everybody is different, everybody has different dna makeup and because this is all brand new who knows what the outcome will be because its experimental which you seem to forget about, untested and a brand new way of vaccines using re writing dna.

The corporate machine Within this letter I haven’t got time to go into how many shares you own in vaccine companies, which is a conflict of interest to the public and makes you biased and its hidden by the corporate machine owning all different companies all over the place hiding the entangled web of deceit for monetary gains, which we unpicked with the banking saga. When we tried to get it in the public domain via news we was told in no uncertain terms that this story would not be ever shown in public domain due to shareholders investments. So as you can see we are not new to this, its just an ongoing global problem regarding the corporate as we have been victims of all of this and they didn’t like it when we challenged them with all the evidence. I’m sure if you ask Mark Astaire he’ll know about it or know of us.

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Just a quick little recap if he wants a refresher the way they used to do the scam and probably still are but we can’t prove that, they used to switch your bank acc to a card that can only be used at the bank which is bizarre considering I had a remortgage with the Halifax/Intelligent Finance but the involvement of Barclays was they used to take the money out of my bank acc (that was off the books ie from a non existent po box) and all so called direct debits for my mortgage and other bills was taken out as cash from an ATM at exactly the same time every day (13:02) at a barclays ATM. When I went to Cheltenham & Gloucester to see how my original mortgage was closed, it was closed on my behalf by a solicitor via a Barclays cheque for the full amount – that solicitor was Drydens Solicitors that actually weren’t real people (no birth/marriage/death certificiates etc) didn’t really exist, and no mention of remortgage with Halifax at all. The equity I eventually got back after the saga was a Barclays cheque not from Halifax. Isn’t it weird how Barclays bank switched my acc to off the books, barclays paid my original mortgage off and eventually with a big fight paid my equity considering my remortgage was with Halifax/Intelligent Finance who supposedly took me to court to repossess the house even though I had a letter from Halifax stating they didn’t know who I was nor did I hold any kind of accounts at the address of my mortgage. So without going into all the rest of this we now get blanket banned and Barclays top dog is a part of your company. Strange hmmmmmm They was very clever how they did it, they picked on vulnerable people who needed a remortgage (I was personally going thru a break up with my ex and wanted to pay him off and keep the house). The thing is its not the case of I just rang a mortgage broker, he was deferred from a Halifax estate agent that got in contact with me, they then took control of free conveyancing etc etc including legal so it was all taken out of my hands, cuz I was entrusting the Halifax and their broker as a brand. By reason of our own investigations the simple way of putting this is they went into Cheltenham & Gloucester portraying themselves as my solicitor making it look like I've come into money and paying off my mortgage in full, as far as cheltenham and gloucester were concerned the mortgage was finished all paid for and then proceeded to send out my deeds to me. I had the deeds for the house – didn't know that’s what they were at the time. So basically Barclays Halifax and all the rest then take the mortgage off the books and then all paperwork I received is then fraudulent mortgages/insurance etc etc. And barclays bank are the ones that run it – that is why its all barclays cheques all coming from make believe PO BOX numbers and all that cash they draw out goes into someones pocket somewhere with no paper trail, and none of you wanted to know the story and still don’t, and why would you, its so damaging its unbelievable! So without going on further you can see this isn’t new to us, and we’re probably not new to you either but there is no weapons there is no violence gore or hate, only truth which is defamation of our character

So we want this problem rectified immediately otherwise we will just continue our investigations and taking it further, whilst highlighting to people what your company is all about and the links with our previous investigations. We request answers immediately.



Barclays and Shell - The Anti Apartheid Movement Campaign (aamarchives.org)

"The campaign against Barclays began when the bank was helping to finance the Cabora Bassa dam project in Mozambique. Barclays was the biggest high street bank in South Africa."

As you can see Barclays Bank was kicked out of South Africa due to its participation and helping finance the Apartite

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