Letter to send to school and serve the teachers

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Below is a letter we've written out that everyone can share with their childs school, just copy it word for word and email it out ......... #OperationBowlingBall

it is written in a different style to the usual cabal style everyone gets taught at school so please refrain from judging on grammar and punctuation.....

u can even share with your doctors NHS Governements local mp councils police everywhere ...... it makes them aware they are not safe - we know it works cuz this is the style (that was given to us by the energies) we used with the banking saga ......the more we all share the more they are all locked into it ........can everyone share any replies back to us and then we can double lock them in ...please do not leave it to chance send it to the teachers and the heads and do not hesitate ! If we all do the upmost we can no one can blame themself that we didn't cuz unfortunately we are nice people and do not like conflict and unfortunately they know this and bank on it - we know for a fact with the banks saga.......if you listen to the podcasts re the banks i know it sounds far fetched but it did really happen xx Dear Board of Directors/Head of school/and all staff

In regards to your immunisation policies which is obviously being directed from the Governments ie the NHS coming into the schools with the flu jab which I presume must be the intramuscular vaccination as its not clearly written for the normal person. You need to clarify this on your paperwork to make it clear what it is, we’re only assuming that is what it is because of the way its been worded it almost seems like its being hidden, and why haven’t you questioned this with Intra Health to make it clear for parents. Also you have a duty of care whilst the child is at your school and its obvious that you have not questioned the side effects that are happening globally due to the experimental rna vaccine which re-writes your dna - not a normal vaccine, its brand new and has been rushed through without any kind of testing or safety requirements considering everyone is different and everybody is going to have a different reaction. This is where it now gets a little bit messy in regards to your personal involvement with this fast tracked health experiment which could have massive implications in the future regarding side effects, like with the thalydomide medication and as you are part of the education board you should be educating yourself proving your worth that what you teach and preach to the children daily you also abide by as well. It’s called learning, because alI I see is you are taking everything on gospel that everything is ok, and the only worry is that you have to separate yourself for 14 days after vaccination which you clearly quote as being asymptomatic which is kind of worrying really as its supposed to be containing this virus, not creating thousands of asymptomatic carriers. Even with the flu jab you become asymptomatic and can spread it to someone else, which is never talked about and the flu kills thousands every year. Liability

Liability – where does it lie. Who is at fault if anything goes wrong. Who do we sue. Who do we hold responsible. Liable after care. You seem to mention nothing of this under the terms of the vaccination contract, because it is being held on your premises under you duty of care and so called wisdom. Parents that are not aware of the above aforementioned have the right to know who is liable for any damages to that child whilst they are in your duty of care, and for the rest of their life and their children if anything happens etc etc, because you are solely responsible for the duty of care of that child on your premises when they have this experimental vaccination. You seemed to have completely missed all this off the consent form. Is this premeditated fabrication with intent because to let you know and other parents know that you can’t hide behind the system when it comes to liability because we’re just letting everybody know that each individual can be held personally responsible for any side effects/death in the future due to this experiment. Because a civil case can be taken out against each individual stripping you out of the system so you have no protection because as a human being you have a duty of care also. This isn’t all about keeping your job and pensions and doing as you are told because you don’t wanna lose your pensions cuz you’re a civil servant, and civil means relating to ordinary citizens and their concerns and servant means a person who performs duties for others which actually contradicts itself, its like one cancels the other out. Also parents have the right to have full knowledge of what is in that medication prior to the event, and also side effects that could happen. Here again no information has been divulged (worrying because this is a legal requirement). Also as you are well educated, you must know about the Nuremberg trial which was held in Switzerland regarding crimes against humanity doing unethical human experimetation, which you are now allowing to happen on your premises underneath a fictional law. These mandated laws and immunisation programs are done so by reason of a fake law. Here again you’re the education system and you should learn more about this and teach, but your not allowed to because its not a part of the specified curiculum, and if you don’t know, its about a contract. Your birth certificate signs you into a system of slavery whilst being unaware of this fact. It’s a fraudulent contract which goes all the way back to maritime law and originally it was a law written for somebody born of sea (ie not on land or of a country). It actually means you are dead lost at sea and your birth certificate writes you into this because you wasn’t present at the contract. So lets use the law against the law, a legal contract/affidavit - the legal requirements of this is all parties participating in this contract have to be all fully aware and in knowledge of all implications at the time it is signed by all parties involved. That is the legal requirement for a contract to be binding. Just to let you know the child wasn’t there or aware, and could not be physically aware neither as the birth certificate has to be done within 4 weeks of birth. The parents are unaware of what they are signing their child into, so the only people’s that do know are the Governments that enforce this law which makes it null and void and fraudulent. So as you can see this is why we have concerns because it’s the same people now enforcing experimental vaccination programs to the masses including children and we want to know where you stand with regards to your self learning about all the aforementioned and what can go wrong ie by not answering back you are liable because I request an answer, by answering back you are also liable if you do not agree with these concerns, because they are legitimate concerns that have to be upheld by you personally. By ignoring these concerns then obviously you have a personal motive which is I want to keep my job/pension etc etc etc. So money means more to you than my concerns. And this is what can and will be used in a civil case if need be. This hangs over every individual of employment in the system and it will never go away because you are always going to be held responsible. I await an answer requested.


This is why you can't leave it to chance serve your teachers now!!


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