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Updated: Mar 30

weve been doing a lot with the law counsel helping establish it please see link if ur interested

The latest thoughts and ideas are

Notes from today's Law Counsel meeting 22/3/22 - our interpretation or ideas

Creating something new

How to contract ourselves properly into a new way of life, so we was thinking would it be beneficial to ourselves in regards contracting ourselves into something and away from something making it official, as we was never there at the signing of our birth certificates nor did we sign it, it was signed on our behalf. All parties were not made aware of that contract or further contracts from that point because it was a fraudulent contract in a fictional system.

So would it be better if we create a contract that we’re all aware of and we can all sign into in regards to people born here, and people of the lands underneath natural lawful law not harming others as we are custodians of the land air and water. Maybe it would be a good idea if we all exchange £1 or $1 proof of contract due to the exchange of monetary value? So every member pays £1/$1 contracting ourself to TangataWhenua (which means people born here, people of the lands) which we can write up a contract of what it means and why. We can then contract/instruct the Law Counsel to work on our behalf to protect our born here rights under natural law and fight on our behalf, so that makes us 3 points of contact away (our physical person which is contracted to TangataWhenua and then we can contract the Law Counsel to protect our contractual rights underneath TangataWhenua. So that gives us 2 points of protection from the individual. So we can contract out from the TangataWhenua to the Law Counsel and amend as we go. Also we can create our own language of what it really means through a copyright which will be within our contract and amended into the Law Counsel.

So that is 2 shields of protection minimum before you get to the individual.

So we buy into that contract making us all equal shareholders within that, and we all then have 1 share of the whole thing, keeps everything balanced – excess monies then can go towards hiring lawyers for interpretation purposes only, and any running costs. If people wish to donate extra that is fine but that is a separate thing for pojects etc. Also if it goes mental then monies can be used for proper humanitarian projects whatever they may be.

Maybe we cud have a crypto wallet for donations as well - have kinda got me head around the basics but am no expert - plus it stops the banks from shutting anything down as a wallet is seperate to the banks 👍🏻👍🏻

Lots of love

Juicy & Lucy xx

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