Home made quinine

Recipe #Recipe

It's so simple it still blows our mind how good it is

3 unwaxed lemons


3 unwaxed grapefruit

and all u use is the skins that is the zest and the pith .....discard the insides - we juice ours 1st to keep for mixing with water for refreshing drinks and then peel the membrane from the skins, then we put the skins in slow cooker with roughly 3-3.5 litres of filtered water not tap water and then put on lowest heat poss no boiling needed, for 6 hrs 6 mins 6 seconds is the best batch, but u can cook for 12 hrs as well to make a different kind of outcome.....

I get the water warming while i prepare the fruit skins put it all together and then set the timer

If you are cooking on a stove slow gentle simmer no boiling for 2 hrs with lid on, keep lid on when cooling too

if you want to slow cook in slow cooker instead here are some different timings for different effects

6 hrs is more energy

12 hrs is more relaxing chilled

Then u strain the juice squeeze out the skins (I use a clean tea towel) and keep the juice in the fridge which is good for about 10-14 days although it never lasts that long in our house

And along with the supplements it's great to put your mind at rest knowing your super boosting your immune system

Zinc (1st heard about from Dr Rashid Buttar and also Dr Kauffman) and Quercetin (supplement 1st heard about it from dr sherri tenpenny off an interview on london real tv website)

***We have recently found out that charcoal stops quinine from working so please refrain from using charcoal/carbon filters so you get the full benefits of the quinine juice ***

Have just been emailing some friends about the juice and health and thought I'd share the write up again for any newbies

We've since the pandemic started been looking into boosting our immune system to max and a friend in australia we was talking to about not being able to get hydroxy chloroquine and she sent a recipe to us for home made quinine which is pretty much the same thing so weve been making and taking that along with 1 max strength zinc and 1 quercetin supplement every day for about 10 months and omfg we feel amazing having it, so good in fact we started up a facebook group to share our findings and weve currently got 7.4k members all taking the juice and supplements and all getting so many different health benefits its proper wow wow wow ....you guys shud really give it a go and see how u feel and join the juice group here is the link


It super boosts your immune system and is the best energy drink ever lasts all day and makes u feel amaZING

Our health has never been so good and so many others are feeling amazing too, 1 lovely guy from america felt so good he insisted on ringing us to say thank you as he had been suffering with 2 different types of bacterial infections for nearly 30 years and had had a raging temperature for 18 of those years and 2 weeks into having our juice and supplements his fever finally broke and he was just so grateful for stumbling upon our juice group and having a go at making the juice

We started off on 3-4 tablespoons of the juice every day, also had 1 max strength zinc supplement and 1 quercetin supplement every day - the zinc works in conjunction with the juice to strengthen your immune system and the quercetin is an added benefit as its alot like the juice and gives you that extra needed....we then after a while upped our dose to 1 inch in small tumbler....we have since been having it 4 months have half a small tumbler- but you have to go on how you feel, start off small and upp it if u dont feel much ...if you feel u need a bit more go for it

And you feel amazing from it weve lost weight, sciatica is now non existent, back is better loads of different health benefits, lost weight, brain fog gone, its cleanses and purifies your blood too

A compilation of a few of the benefits is in the files section of the group

It also decalcifies your pineal gland so it can work properly to cleanse and purify your blood which it really does - our blood is now a bright strawberry red showing lots of oxygen in our system and everything is cleansed and purified etc etc

Its mad how lemon and grapefruit skins and water can have such a good effect on everyones health it's a proper wow moment ....have even made a little collage of everyones health benefits in the file section of the juice group

We have found that taking Vitamin D in the evening works best with this as it relaxes you

why am strict on not adding anything else to recipe ....keep it simple and cheap as poss

Big pharma fake their power with complicated and expensive

Swap a roo that for simple and cheap as fuck everyone having the power hahahaha 🤣🤣

We havent been on lockdown at all nor wearing masks or washing our hands every 5 mins .....been investigating health like crazy and found that wearing masks causes more harm than good, as it puts your body under so much stress breathing in your own carbon dioxide which then causes your body to create lots of acid, and we then found out that acid is what germs infections diseases and cancer feeds off so you become a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties

so then we found out that if you drink as your last drink of the day a glass of water with lemon juice and if you can handle it some lemon zest it actually puts your body in an alkaline state all night while u sleep and gets rid of all acid out of your system, so if u do wear masks make sure u counteract the acid build up by having a lemon drink last drink of the day so while u sleep ur body is in alkaline state.....

but tbh we really dont recommend wearing the masks we just say were exempt- and no one can make u wear one or even ask for reasons why as its your health and only your doctor has permission to talk to you about your health -and since having the juice and supplements and feeling so well it really gives u that confidence with your health


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