History of how we got the perfect combo 🥂💛🥂💛

I was talking online to a friend in Aus re not being able to get HCQ in UK - wanted to give it a try just in case and she sent me the home made quinine recipe it was on a website no longer online by a dr Betty martini

We tried tested and tweaked it for about a month with us friends and family and everyone felt so wicked we thought open a little fb group which is now 9.7 thousand members plus their friends and family so I then did a website and telegram group and it's just sooooo mindblowing

At the beginning I had a chap in usa kept messaging me saying he wanted video call and I was a little hesitant as didnt know him but any way he insisted so my other half did video with me to him and he'd been suffering with 2 blood infections for nearly 30 years and the last 18 years he had had fever and no docs cud help, within 2 weeks of having our juice combo his fever broke and he just wanted to say face to face a big thank you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 search j r gladman on fb group and hes done a little write up of his condition etc that the juice helped with

It's also on the website under benefits gallery

I've even emailed dr Betty martini saying we have tweaked it slightly and have lots of results if shes interested in knowing more but we never heard back from her unfortunately

The reason we added the quercetin and zinc is because we had been watching lots of youtube vids on immune systems and dr Sherri tenpenny and dr Rashid buttar both suggested zinc in conjunction with HCQ and quercetin is quite similar to the juice so we thought let's try all 3 together and wow wow wow its the best energy booster ever gives u that get up and go.... my other half was on another level for about 3-4 weeks doing all his work mates heads in lol chatting loads and enthusiasm to the max etc etc 😜 he's a plumbing and heating engineer and was even on about putting his hourly rates up he was getting that much done lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


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