Good people

Word of wisdom to all light workers and good people

be careful of people that come into your group from nowhere and lock u in this perpetual moaning and groaning and even when u write things in a nice way they just ignore it and the more u try to tell them the more they keep going on about negative things ....we think they do it on purpose we caught one out ...cuz of the lovely people that you all are, they know that u have to take alot of it on the chin cuz its difficult for you to tell em to fuck off u twat lol and they know that they're wearing down on your good nature and its calculated ...they dont post anything nice just the same woe of woes I'm a victim I'm this I'm that blah blah blah they never have anything energetic to put into a group they never never post anything with good energy within a group and every now and then they keep popping up and spouting on about the same old bollocks like a broken record so all that energy u put into these people trying to explain to put into different ways just falls upon deaf ears....they probably disappear for a week or 2 and come back with the same old bollox ....the reason we caught one out is for the above but when we told her to fuck off you silly twat after pointing out all the above they then go onto their own fb acc cuz dont forget their doing this on yours.....then all of a sudden their putting posts up on their own acc what a bad person u are woe of woes same old bollox when u find this on their account and u tell em to fuck off there and all they then spout on about is thought u was a light worker and healer they come in to try and discredit anything you do to make u look like bad people.... do we think its orchestrated yes we do

But the answer is in the question.....its proves she already had in her head that we was light workers and healers and wudnt answer back to anything - puts u in a trap

But how wrong was she - we have never used those labels or terms in anything weve done personally

But she had it in her head that we was and therefore was not expecting any come back from her behaviour

She'd already made the assumption that she cud keep putting negative spins onto my acc under the pretext that she thought she cud get away with it

How wrong was she !!

So be careful - watch out for peoples formatting within your acc cuz they're just draining energy off ya

And the funny thing is she ran to fb and I got a warning for being abusive lol ....dont matter to us cuz its water off a ducks back but it does affect real light workers and healers

They see you as sensitive souls and they get into your head, you think oh they just need more help but in all honesty that's how they grab u ....2 yrs later they've not listened to a word you've said and alot of them play on your good nature

So please be aware cuz they're fucking up with your frequency xxxx

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