good having some knowledge but better to have the full picture

Hi all

Just wanna brooch the subject of Cinchonism and quinine

Someone has message me re their worry about going blind from quinine


If anyone is worried please by all means stop or take a break, do what you've gotta do to feel good, no one is making anyone do anything ....we are supposed to be getting rid of fear not adding to it


There are people out there who don't like the idea of many feeling well on a very simple cheap easy to make immune boosting energy drink - I'll leave it up to your imagination as to who I'm talking about lol - anybody out of pocket and those wanting to put a dampner on all our hard work and findings - the results speak for themselves

Cinchonism is caused by quinine extracted from cinchona bark which also has other nasties in it that's why its BANNED from even being talked about in our fb group (as per our rules) due to 2 people deciding not to bother with grapefruit recipe and instead tried extracting quinine from cinchona bark many many months ago and making themselves ill because it's an intricate process far more difficult than the easy peasy grapefruit and lemon peel recipe, and it's the nasties in that bark that make u ill....

it's good having some knowledge but better to have the full picture 🥂✨🥰

and yes any talk of cinchona bark is still banned and anyone posting about this will have their post removed immediately....if u wanna talk about it please by all means make your own group for it but please be responsible and careful and do your research ✨🥰

3rdly do what u feel is right if u wanna take a break from the juice please go for it, we do every now and again usually when grapefruit are out of stock lol but its still a break ✨🥰

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