Fresh water crystal

the new flower code of the universe and the new blend of crystal with the ancient and the new, the flower code of the universe is coded to fresh water crystal only as the old jurassic dinosaur links were related to salt water, as everything evolved from seas from the salt water, this is where the dinosaur links came in and created the weave of evil and contaminated everything, so the salt in the sea was our ancient crystal so that has been cleared out and put back with our ancient crystal removing all links to do with a salt water ancestral evolution, as that has all now been removed and put back with our ancient, that removes all of the dinosaur links and who we were and the weave of evil that contaminated everything as our universe was only relevant to salt water and evolution of ourselves from it, now thats all been put back into fresh water universe which breaks all bonds with who we were and where we've been and activates our new ancestral evolution from fresh water only clear crystal, this then rewrites who we are and why and activates the flower code of the universe to fresh water only which is basically pure crystal removing all old links from who we used to be due to the contamination of the weave of evil everything had to go and be renewed onto the new flower code of the universe linnearage, because the old way everything had been consumed by itself to the point of destruction and madness, where the new way every living thing is an individual and the flower code creates the food for each individual species and plant so nothing is consumed by another species or itself 👍🏻👍🏻🥰🥰

it was all rewritten on our last journey once we realised what the problem was, and also the journeys we've been on are also real so been rewriting it as we've been going along for the last 3-4 weeks, we've had to reinvent ourself in the future to bring the knowledge down to here to ascend to ourself in the future xx

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