Juicy & Lucy ✨🌈 HCQ Warrior Princess:

Everything is time related unfortunately as weve found on our journeys everything had a specific permutation so its prob not time it's just a sequence of events

Always felt that this was all sorted out before we all stepped in like an exit plan create everything in the future and then go and live it

Theres prob easier ways of doing it now lol which is nice to know but unfortunately weve had to walk the walk and by god it's been a long walk and also many were not just walking this one were walking many others that's why we can feel knackered sometimes prob why we all have a good day and a bad day ...good day is when everything is lining up lovely and other days when u feel drained is cuz your walking to the good day on the others

It's a bit like when uve had a cold all of a sudden u have a moment of feeling well and then u feel shit again for god knows how long lol then u feel great again for a few days and on it goes till u feel well

It's like before u get ill u have an amazing day then u feel shit

But our money is on mother nature cuz shes had enuf and as weve been learning lessons so has she ...I think from what we can make out shes had to learn a lesson as well that not everybody is good even tho they're part of the same creation so shes gonna have to let them go which must be hard for her cuz everything is part of her creations ....shes had to see it almost like a visual so she can see it and thats why we all do our little bit digging bits of evidence out and sharing it ...its almost like were all guardians or investigators dont really know what name to call us all cuz we do state the obvious within the madness ....were all people watchers thats what weve all got in common it's part of our job or 1 of them

We always feel like shes watching when we go on our journeys like shes watching now

Shes armed herself almost like her inner kung foo has come out shes had to learn to go military to protect herself that's why we talk about these quantums they're all individual bits of language of the universe which are now all talking and comkincating with each other and recording ....weve always been told everything is being recorded (omfg lol 🤣🤣🤣) weve also been told were all teachers in the future so basically this shit can never happen again

The akashic records was probably contaminated almost blindsided by this power struggle that has been going on in the universe for a long time

so basically all this is a battle of frequencies from what we can make out and these frequencies have taken on physical forms while investigations go on

But if it's any good to ya there was 1 particular energy we was shown and apparently it is the strongest energy in the universe it's always been used for scaffolding things up if things go wrong or need to be removed or taken out it's a clear looking energy tubular about 4 or 5 inches round and it's like soft rope but when its pulled into position its given one tug or knock and it goes absolutely rock solid like a steel bar and when u give it a double knock it goes soft and falls back down again in front of you what the energy guys used to use to pull us out of things

So if it's any good to you or anybody imagine that energy being pulled thru to your higher self the highest frequency connecting your physical to it and give it a knock it locks that energy absolutely solid like a fireman pole and then take control of the lock so no one else can double knock it and make it in the frequency wars if u just imagine 10 is the highest as an example (cud be anything) and the lower frequencies 1s 2s 3s 4s etc this is why people attack cuz they're frequency is lower so they run into your pole which is you and that frequency creates a rattle within you which then transfers itself all the way up that energy link to your higher self .....then that interferes with mother nature and everything else vibrating if u can imagine pulling a piece of elastic between u and your higher self and someone twangs it that vibration then echoes all the way when u try and

connect to your higher self u can see those vibrations throw u off course

So imagine that elastic is now steel and u communicate up that tube to your higher self it's a clear connection between the 2

We did go on many journeys re the rattle that was going thru the universe which was destroying alot of energies so u take control of the rattle u take control of everything....the lower frequencies wont even bother with you cuz they just bounce off

The lower frequencies will go to zero

Everything started off as a 10 and u can see the depreciation as its been going along

So the new earth is already here it's just that the frequency within the sphere is dropping so that's why were seeing the destruction of this earth because were perceiving the frequency of what's happening around us

So as our frequency rises so will the perception of the higher frequency earth of what she was and what shes always been

This maybe why we talk about the veils falling possibly every veil is connected to a particular frequency so as the lower frequencies go to zero the veils will fall

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