fb fuckery

this is the reason why we are moving over to patreon as fb make it as difficult as poss for everyone in the fb juice group especially newbies who can never find the recipe .....i've asked fb loadsa times and never hear anything or get any help

Patreon will not be the same, more clarity where everything is and for equivalent of a couple of cups of cheap coffee you have access to all plus live zoom sessions every month where we can talk about what we want no fact chuckers cuz its private, just trying to give back a bit of freedom of speech

if u wanted to join for 1 month only u can or a yearly subscription, or may even wanna join every so often to catch up with everything.......its completely up to you

u can pay either via your normal bank card (altho it does describe it as credit card it accepted my normal card completely fine, or via paypal its up to you) but for £4 per month u get everything u need from the horses mouth

u can screen shot to keep forever if u wanted to but we are gonna be building a nice little juice community within it xxx 💛💛🥂🥂✨✨

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