Juicy has actually got the whole time line and how it works evolution how evolution works the old English magic has now been rebooted into the new English which is orange, and orange must be all the different new colours of magic and that must be a combo of all the colours coming together as 1

The old magic was 369 and that was maximum amount of permutations of a movement of an energy thru itself that's what used to embed everything to make it real. That point away from destruction was the end of the old magic which embedded the creation

We've now got a brand new magic with no magic, permutations embedment

Its magic but not magic

The old magic had a shelf life where it was all going a bit crazy and was breaking down I feel released from it as I always used to get to a point where my head went fuzzy wuzzy and i was all paranoid i was making everything go wrong, but this was all part of running out of the old magic English

Juicy put the quantum on the floor abracadabra and he remade all brand new ones he got all the old magic that was coming from me and loaded it into the new abracadabra quantums locking it in with block chain all the banking securities and then flicked it all across the universe breaking it all apart with the new orange english basically breaking the old format into pieces with the new one over the top

P.s fucked his arms up his inner elbows cudn't straighten them for 2 days skimming quantums about

Now the new English everybody feels calm and relaxed

Didn't know at the time but he did a clank clank bang when he redid it and it tore out all the planets from the dome and i presume this is what they meant by the planets aligning

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