Energy blockages

Someone has mentioned about getting to know their energy more so I thought I'd share for anyone else, they had swelling in their face and this helped them

You get energy blockage/build up with swelling and it's just a case of releasing it so it can flow again

You grab it like invisible chewing gum stretching it out and releasing it do this a few times to get rid of excess in the swelling but dont actually touch the swelling and keep doing this every now and again and see how u feel'll be able to feel if u need to release the blockage

Its like if u get earache pull the energy out of your ear to stop the blockage build up and release it and keep doing it every so often

Or if you say bang your knee you've gotta counteract the push in of the bang and pull the energy out of it and release it ....helps with swelling bruising and pain ....its a bit like a magician pulling a long silk ribbon out of a hat lol gentle and flowing

Hope I'm making sense lol

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