Empower yourself

if it helps you empower yourself have a week of not following other peoples ideas and perspectives and instead see yourself as the watcher/observer/oversear of all the seperate alien races that we gave our physical form to for them to prove themself in the new positively expanding universe of our futures, cuz on our travels this is what we seen theyve gotta prove themselves to us we're not the downtrodden ones were not the ones having to prove anything we guide with positivity and trying to point them in the right direction we're children of the universe and been sent in to protect and guide all these different alien entities that look like us - unfortunately they just wanna keep on destroying obsessed with getting off planet onto other planets spending obscene amounts of money to go to a planet where we cant even breathe where all that money and resources should be spent getting this planet correct before we go somewhere else....its almost like theyre trying to run away from the inevitable trying to run away from a time line shift of relevant to and from ....negative isn't relative to and from a positive expanding universe there is no where for them to run we was all part of this story right back at the beginning before we stepped in in physical form and they know that and you should know your importance who we all are as a collective we all carry a part of the star ship that we took to pieces to do all of this and its time to put ourselves back together which then puts the star ship back together so we can fly ......we'll be talking about this on the next podcast on saturday ....so empower yourself try it for a week and see how you feel and then yes watch and listen to other people but then watch from the outside in not the inside out, standing on the outside looking in means your home again xxx

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