Dont let them feed off disappointment

Morning all I see everything is back to normal this them trying to pretend something is happening cuz money means nothing to them they can print however much they want

I wish it werent but it feels like more of the bollox

Are they now feeding off everyones disappointment

Stopping the jabs in schools surely is more important than taking facebook down

They seem to have their priorities the wrong way round if there is such a thing as white hats ....were still not convinced

I wish there was an organisation called the white hats doing the right thing but am still not seeing it anywhere

Maybe were more weary cuz of the banking thing where no one came on our side or helped even our solicitor didn't wanna get involved

Dont wait to be saved it's a case of doing this ourselves and then u know summat is being done

These people have been playing this game for a long time

They wudnt lose any money theyd have insurances offsetting all that xx

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