Crystal Shard

One of our journeys was weve always had that thought that we was kidnapped and it was to do with something that happened a very long time ago where something happened to a society or planet or dimension where the dome was fucking destroyed everybody within that dome died and were the children of whoever got kidnapped hidden used for who we were and were constantly in amnesia of it all, the way we broke that once we realised what was going on within the story line we realised I was having majorly bad headaches like a metal pole was being shoved down the top of my head into my brain and it was getting worse and worse, juicy realised there was something seriously wrong cuz I wasn't the person I used to be which goes back a long way pre this dimension and it was also one of the biggest problems why my memories were lost, it was almost like we was on a journey and there was some sort of parallel shift and the energy Lucy that was there was the one that was damaged or hurt at the beginning of all our journeys …….best way to explain it is that whatever happened in the past, that physical/energy one of me was put in some sort of suspended state to keep safe, copies of me within parallels where put together while we were sorting out what the problem was and it was almost like the last jump all them permutations we used up then leaving the real physical form as the last parallel jump which wud of meant it was the shortest journey back to home because it was relevant to a from that particular time at the beginning because it was the closest to this accident or whatever it was...….and what the energies and Juicy found was there was a crystal shard almost like a piece of glass about an inch long (altho it felt a lot longer than that lol) and the energy guys found it wedged in the top of my head so Juicy asked the energy guys if they cud get it out so when the energy guys came in they said no fucking problem ….it was like fucking hell they're gonna do brain surgery lol neither of us was quite ready for that one lol …..but they had to go fetch someone and it was a he cuz the pathways inside my head had to be reweaved with energy it was like a green almost luminescent energy and he weaved it thru my head Juicy sat there watching it and then slowly but surely an energy wire came down to the top of my head and that shard was pulled out...…..juicy saw it and I felt it corrrrrrrr it was painful but they pulled it out slowly and reweaved everything back in and then he left an energy mesh around my head while it was healing and then juicy had to sit with me and gently push energy thru my head which was also very painful but it did slowly subside and there was lot of blending that went on with all the energy ones of me that had been used on our journeys ...….and since that day i haven't had any more pain with that physically and it was something that was getting worse and worse and worse ...….this thing that had been put in there had been put in there a very long time ago

I dont know if this resonates with anyone else re this pain cuz sometimes u dont realise something has gone ...….this was probably done about 8 months ago roughly That pain was echoing thru from the energy realm to the physical realm because it was getting worse and worse as time was going and was interferring with everyday life xxx

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