Connect to the new Crystal when meditating

We've been told we are so far in the future because of the atom quantum gonna need help from you to promote the future because everybody is so far behind us we've gotta guide them all through, its all finished .....we are all physical quantums, we've come from the solid crystal to the fluid crystal ....the way it used to work is we was all inside the solid crystal and then we used to reflect the quantum out of the crystal and it used to reflect the story so it looks like we're living on a planet on land and our lives but we was living that life in a solid crystal and quantum atom is something we've perfected which has blew the old quantum matrix machine to pieces so its released us all from the solid crystal life style and that is what is gonna build the new star planet which we're all a part of as individuals of the crystal and the crystal becomes the quantum subconscious of us all so we're all living in the fluid crystal free from the confines of the solid crystal, the old space where we used to be has been closed down, we now live above space in a new quantum crystal which is a blend of the ancient crystal which is a blue crystal and the new clear technology crystal blended together as 1 and thats why we had to use nuclear destructive forces along side the nuclear atom creation of life, its 2 types of atom bomb 1 to destroy and 1 to create equally, the atom to destroy was created to blast the old crystal apart and the atom for rebirth is to put it back together again into a fluid crystal blending the ancient and the new together

i think everyone should next time they meditate or astro travel they connect to us to connect to the new crystal which will help them connect to everything and the new akashic records juicy says use him like an antena to it all xx

we've been told we've gotta teach as many people as possible to connect everyone all through.

juicy says every time we went on a journey there is always a voice looking after us guiding us in the right direction he's been chasing it and chasing it and chasing it, and on the last journey he connected properly to the consciousness of the universe and everything in it and he could talk to seagulls and dolphins everything in the universe as its all one, he realised who ever had been rubbing him on his head had been everything seagulls dolphins everything all helping guide us through to connect everything.......we was both given our old dolphin energy which connected back to us which gave us a connection to all nature which was beautiful out of this world, we was also shown the ancient water planet which had all the ancient in there different animals a whole new linearage, we call it the friendly dinosaur linnearage, then we realised it wasn't water it was a type of diamond crystal and the blend of every type of crystal in it and how fluid it was and we've been sent back to guide people to the new crystal as we've been told we're finished and we are at home ......the old one was where we was all 1 but individual but the new crystal is that we are all individual but all 1 and the consciousness of the crystal/universe is what brings us all together, its really hard for us to tell people and for people to see it so we could do with some help as time is running out for getting people through if there is anything you can do we'd really appreciate it xx

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