Change the recipe and you change the outcome

This is a lovely post from our home made quinine facebook group i thought i'd share, knowledge is power. For those that are new here or confused here, but also as a reminder - and for the sake of Elizabeth Port's sanity....

I think what some are failing to grasp or realise when they raise a question within this facebook group - about the change or addition of ingredients, is that there is a whole energetic/structure to the "pinned" recipe and THAT energy that was created by the intention of the recipe carries the personal healing abilities to each individual. If anyone changes that recipe then that energy also gets changed leaving it useless and pointless.

This whole group when it was set up by "Elizabeth Port" set an energetic intention and alignment with the recipe, so anyone who posts a "what if" question, or how they made it differently on this group is not fully grasping the magickal code/essence that is the basis of the whole recipe. As Elizabeth Port says; "Change the recipe, change the outcome." Based on the code that was set in the birthing of this particular recipe the effect of this recipe adjusts quantumly, and perfectly to the needs of each individual person - by metaphysical laws, even if you don't know what your needs are - the juice does. Let that sink in for a second. It's simple. 3 lemons - peel only, 3 grapefruits - peel only, 3-4 litres of water, slow cook on low 6 hours, 6 mins, 6 seconds, or 7 hours, 7 minutes and 7 seconds etc... or 12 hours for a milder outcome etc. And also familiarise yourself with the Abracadabra series of video's on Youtube by Mark Attwood and JC Kay, Juicy and Lucy, explaining the whole premise of our made-up world, code, numbers, metaphysics etc.. and then you will understand why the recipe is set as it is, and THIS particular recipe can't change - unless you WANT to change the outcome - and we don't, please. Peace and good wishes to all who read this. "this juice makes itself to your personal needs even if you don't know what they are" 🥂🥰

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