Bury the truth


Theyre trying to rewrite timelines again and the only way to stop them is what many of us across the world have been doing for some time

So join us, write the truth in pencil or pen (which ever u think will last longer) on a piece of paper and bury it in a bottle, seal it with either candle wax or mastic and bury them in random places, in your garden in the countryside in woodlands so future generations will know the truth of what happened .....and do as many as possible

Digital stuff can so easily be erased at a click of a button its gone, there is software out there called data shredding that can be done remotely to erase everything and its probably pointless saving stuff onto disk for your time capsule as we don't know what future generations wud have so lets go old skool and keep it simple with pencil and paper or pen and paper like the ancients did .........and why did they do it, probably to warn future generations what was going on but the cabal got to it 1st and hid it, lets make it difficult for them to re write the time line

Don't let us be the Tartarians of the future with no history and no truth

future proofing - bottle it and bury it

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