Ancient frequencies that was lost in the rattle

on one of our journeys we went on it was all about getting all the frequencies back together again that was lost, it was a lot of the ancient language that was lost due to the rattle and the ancients moved away cuz they had lost communication with their ancestry this is why people talk about the lost water planet it wasn't water it was crystal and when juicy got it all back together again and opened up the sphere universe what ever you want to call it and gave it back to them they wanted to attack him cuz they didn't realise what was going on so they were in defense mode but when he raised his voice and put his case across in a certain way they realised it was them giving themself a lecture and this is when juicy turned around and said it doesn't matter who we are what we look like or how far we've come or whats been lost i've bought all the ancient back with the ancient language from start to finish as 1 and we could of took it away and used it for ourselves and we haven't we've brought it back to the ancients to show you what had been lost in a brand new quantum language which was the atom quantum, this is where all the different energies went off and had a chat said sorry and thank you very much and this is when juicy says it doesn't matter who we are or what we are or what we look like we've all done our bit and bought everything back as 1, juicy says no matter what anybody thinks or feels this is a good start point for all of us to carry on, and this was the start point of the consciousness of the universe which we got asked to put together on one of the abracadabra's when we heard the voice 👍🏻👍🏻🥰🥰

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