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I don't believe in shedding have been around vaccinated and feel nothing come off them I do believe this is more fear porn ....i see their health declining that is all ....if u believe something is gonna make u ill it will do....like if u tell some one enuf times they look poorly they end up feeling poorly - this is manifesting at its worst and all this has been about psychological warfare

I honestly don't feel anything off the vaccinated, but I do hear about changes....now it cud easily be all the nasty chemicals put into our food and drink from the corporate

But also evolving means change and we've been conditioned to think change is bad when not all the time it is

With regards to shedding, there is info going round re teas to help, I know that a lot of teas have pg in them and lots of other hidden chemicals- best to make your own, I don't trust corporate for hiding nasty chemicals in stuff they put a lot of effort into this

The last 2 big trends especially amongst those who are awake were green tea and kale which are both v high in flouride .....who do you think sets the trends and sells the stuff corporate, it could quite easily be them setting off chinese whispers about shedding so they can get more nasty chemicals into you and make you feel ill which helps their story on shedding

And those trends were focused on the awake community ....there's lots of sneaky shit going on and u gotta be aware of who you are going against

Sweeteners is another one soooo bad and they put it in everything, the only time me and juicy have ever argued is when we've accidentally had sweeteners it affects your mood ....it tricks your body into thinking its gonna have sugar and when it doesn't receive sugar it doesn't like it ....and that then echoes into peoples emotions why people are so angry and argumentative etc etc its the frustration coming out of them

Back in the day when i was a kid when there was only sugar no one was as uptight or argumentative or frustrated or over weight really either

Now when there's sweeteners everywhere in everything even in sugary drinks and everyone's emotions are so much more heightened etc etc

Its good to be aware of corporate doing all this putting as much nasty chemicals in our food and drink as poss xx

Fear porn causes stress which can cause womens periods into disarray ..... and if your not sitting in your pyramid with sage constantly burning and every crystal under the sun around you your not protected lol.......OCD madness and complete lack of your own power of your thoughts and mind.

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