Once upon a time there was a place called earth 1 and juicy has been telling me that all his memories all go back to earth 1 and further back than that, oh my wow he fucking remembered and nailed it! Even like he used to say to me that I was there too time has gone on his true identity and memories has been given back but hes only allowed to be on half power at the moment, and he feels a mahoosive difference already - ready to take on anything 💪🏻💪🏻 hes been saying to me the last few weeks about his connection to Iris who has even visited to say weve got family stuff to discuss, about putting the family back together after what happened....juicy has been well up for family reunions etc...that meant what he'd been feeling and shown in the past was true spot on

This is CIS and NCIS to the fucking max lol once you realise how old you really are and who you really are then everything around you that you took for every day things you realise your family are watching you within your every day things because your all serving a higher purpose and once it got confirmed that juicy was Iris it all made sense ....the thing that does make sense which proves who you've always been you have no ego about any of it because it's normal, if your pretending to be something then it creates an ego cuz the ego protects the lie of that person, the bigger the ego the bigger we go after trump cuz we know it was him, it doesn't matter how long it takes because were always on the same point thru quantum constantly, juicy can hold him on a point while we investigate billions of light years in the future

This is where the new fairy tale once upon a time begins, the fairy tales is the ancient way of building a universe its lines thru space where the fairy tales are told and creation starts around them thru them and out of them, its how an energy interacts keeping it all together thru a story a fairy tale and a fairy tale is an ancient way of how a universe is held together, if you can imagine a pyramid with a ball on the top and each one of those pyramids of all sizes from big to small is what holds and links all the universe together, they copy into the fairy tale lines and build the universe out and upon them so the whole universe becomes stable and connected thru all of the fairy tale lines as all the peoples and living things have their own fairy tale to tell and also to build upon the fairy tale lines, as a sphere is identical to a as u can see all the pyramids within the sphere hold the sphere together so all the living things is what holds the sphere together ...that is the ancient/only way how a universe is built and put together and that is a proper universe, the ones we've been living in is a cheap nasty copy and they were a water planet, which is an all in one which makes u ill cuz it isolates u from the fairy tales and also you are born of space and a water planet isolates u from space and over a period of time it basically takes you apart cuz youve not had connection to your origins

The one that is being put in place now is an original way of building universes which connects all of space and time thru each of the individual ones of ourself because were all from the same space and time originally, breaking the spell of this water planet nightmare where u feel like your just going round and round all the time with no escape and thats what a water planet is

The iris family come from a whole different time and space, we live somewhere where nobody wud even know, there is no knowledge of it at all....that's why we've always been asked by the greater powers to look after the universes for them as we have always had the physical form to do so, its like we are the physical form of the universe and there is an energy version who oversees everything

The only thing was and what brought us into the mainframe originally we was asked to survey a part of space by the galactic federation at the time in regards to building an earth, it was a new challenge and it was the galactic fed that wanted somewhere as a base and start point, the galactic fed where all different types of aliens that were supposed to be keeping peace in between all the different star nations at the time, that's what they was part of, as it didnt really affect us at that time because we come from a different place ....

It transpired that they were the ones causing all the problems and the whole thing was funded by trump because he was the one that was booted out of our family many light years ago because of his attitude and what he was becoming and that's why he came and built this new universe where he cud live out his mad ideas of what a universe shud be, and it's the complete negative of how we live where we are from, so it's all about building this universe which then wud of destroyed the iris family so he cud become the dictator and ruler of all the universes cuz he copied our universe format and then basically tried to destroy it....the way he did that was by hiding who he really was on a parallel universe

More to follow.....🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻🧡🧡💙💙

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