5 Petal Crystal Flower

Morning all just to let everybody know in regards to the flower code of the universe, its replacing abracadabra, abracadabra is the old Akashic records in regards to how we got to the new flower code of the universe, on our last journey it was all about replacing all the permutations and quantums and everything into a flower code as the new universe is built out of the old ancient way of flower coding, the old ancient flower was a 5 petal crystal male and female which at the end of one of our journeys was imprinted into the carpet to show us the form of the flowers male and female, this was an old ancient crystal that was missing in our linnearage and this is why we was shown that we had to rewrite a brand new history of ourself from the history of the 1st crystal regarding the 5 petal crystal and how we evolved from the crystal into the form we have now, the only thing is there was alot of faults that had to be removed ie the old dinosaur links which had taken over and hidden our original crystal flower, now the original crystal flower is also what makes our stars and there was also alot of beautiful universes which we had made and kept safe for the rebirth of the ancient crystal flower...originally we was born with the crystal and was balancers of the crystal hence we all grew together but due to the weave of evil which was the dinosaur link, the petals had been broken thats why we was entrapped within the dinosaur claws ie legal clauses of the 3 and 4 claws, because now individuality is the new constant of the new universe so everybody has been blended with their individual flowers and the flowers have been blended with the crystal of the universe which is white star and blue star, both of these stars have been blended with the atom quantum and all the new star planets which have all been converted into individual crystal flowers so when you look at the stars they're all now the new flower code of the universe, all female and male...so you can imagine the whole universe is one big planetarium and all the crystal of the universe has all the blends of the beautiful flowers within which then build the beautiful universe in its beauty within the planetarium, how long this is gonna take is unsure but the future is building itself around us, as we was shown on our last journey we blended the ancient crystal with the new atom crystal moving us into the future... the old was Akashic records and the new is Akasha

thats why it used to be called 3d - 3 digits moving into 5d - 5 digits which is your hand xx

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