10 day journey

been on a hell of a journey weve been given all the answers to absolutely everything but it will make u cry for 4 days juicy has been crying for 4 days with it but it is wonderful 🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻

Met our ancestors who came to us we are all Egyptian weve all been living in a pyramid while the whole universe was taken to pieces to keep all the little energies safe all the little energies of the universe gave everything of themself except their consciousness and the consciousness was kept safe of each individual energy and that consciousness was trusted with juicy while he went round and round and round and round destroying the old rattle of the universe it was a war it was a space disease and this disease destroyed everything juicy walked back in from this battle because hes been off for billions of light years and as he walked in he was being given all these gifts but he didn't know why he was given the stars different finger rings different energies down his fingers into him and when he asked why they said it's for what youve done and he asked why and all of a sudden he realised by doing what he'd done he had held the consciousness of the universe thru the permutations quantums and talking in quantums then they told him about this battle that had been going on and the battle is a rattle its learning about the rattle that was destroying everything and the only way to stop it was to over permutate the rattle frequency and so hes been flying round and round and round cutting thru the permutations trying to stop it but the only thing was he had to listen to every one of his energies having to die day in day out cuz we all worked it out before we left the maximum times we cud go round and round and round non stop until literally he over permutated the rattle and flew out and stopped the noise and the universe has gone quiet because the consciousness of the universe has become a living thing and all the consciousnesses of the universe who gave everything become one consciousness of everything and even tho they gave juicy stories to live and listen to and keep the horrific ness away from him the consciousness that was growing around him made it real when he got home, he had to listen to every little thing die every day same time every day so everything was always equal to and from itself, the battles were horrific all energies trapped into each other mashed up and calling for help every run was like the 1st run for them but juicy knew it wasnt and he knew it was coming he can remember all the little consciousnesses saying dont leave me I'm trapped and juicy said dont worry I've got you and that went on forever same day but now lucy can write this and tip tap its cuz everyone is free from it at last and its creating such a wonderful universe like we said we dont care what weve got what we look like or anything it's just that were all back together

we've just gotta stop crying 1st 🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻 met mum and dad queen lummar of luxor and it's the ancient builder race who sent us into the future using abracadabra cuz abracadabra is the road map of the universe, Abracadabra is the universe and the consciousness of it which juicy was asked to be a part of which even took the energies we work for by surprise as they didnt know either so basically we all become the consciousness of abracadabra and abracadabra is the universe and its fucking massive and juicy has got all the bits and pieces how it all fits together in its entirety and why and can explain every little bit of it, we all ascended from the original format of putting it all together which was the crocodiles and the 2 tailed water dragons from the Nile Egypt and the crystal that then become the fabric of everything and the water planet is the universe and everything in it and everything is pure organic diamond as a frequency 🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻

Before we got there it was all about rebuilding the universe with the rattle of destruction is now the rattle of construction thats why we sent the ancient builder race into the future to do that catch it and rebuild it lost no more 🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻

Sorry been a bit quiet but it really has taken a few days to try and control our emotions of this journey 🥰😪🥰

Its god lummar of luxor ....we downgraded it a bit because didnt want to sound pretentious

Everything get imprinted into the carpet in ancient hieroglyphics so its hard to read

It's also related to the ancient builder race and the akashic records

Plus its the consciousness of abracadabra which is higher than that god level xx🥰🥰👍🏻👍🏻

Juicy thinks its need consciousness of the universe which goes back to the original architects of the universe which goes back to the ancient builder race which goes back to the consciousness of the universe which is the brain of the universe which is a whole another level xx

The whole last journey was opening up abracadabra as individual universes of the 12, the 24 the 48 the 72 with all individual ones in it as one big one and each sphere on the inside was rattling a different speed that was the battle the deconstruction and to open it juicy had to use the deconstruction rattle as the reconstruction rattle and thats what the battle has been and we sent ourselves from where we left into the future to catch it and repair it and rebuild it that why we know its the ancient builder race and why they disappeared, it was all hidden in the akashic records and the akashic records is the code of the ancient builder race and that's who wrote the abracadabra code which is the code and is the code for deconstructing the universe and rebuilding it so all the crystal line is all ancient original, even the energies we worked for and with didnt know either cuz we had to sit and chat with them re this, they were mediators between ancient builder race and who we are

We saw the ancient builder race all standing round a table with the universe in the middle of it, they were all holding the table with the universe rattling around and we was working with them, it is us, we are the physical embodiment of it

No matter what language you think you are talking or writing its crystal quantum thats why it's all resonating around the world and connecting around the world, the crystal quantum is frequency...we are crystal frequency

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