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Here are a few of Juicy & Lucy's after party mixes from back in the day old skool on the decks no computers ! We've got thousands of hours on mini discs and cds tapes the lot lol the only thing is due to partying alot got slightly damaged and we need the software to repair them so we can put more albums out for people because they are one off mixes with all the energy of us, the party, the people, the atmosphere, everything off our noddles lol and still functioning as can be heard lol so if u can gift us a little back, we can get more out to the masses because we made our own double beat which was stolen by the governments - lets get it back and take control of the double beat and help share to the masses what it is - its the beat of the universe and thats why it was outlawed !  This is the beginning of the double beat campaign which we think will help wake more people up than anything else

Criminal Justice Bill protests 1994- rocking gates of Downing st


Criminal Justice Bill 1994 Doco & BBC Riot News

Criminal Justice Bill March June 1994

Defying the Criminal Justice Bill (Nov 1994)


[video] dreadzone - fight the power was filmed at the last CJB march

It used to be called No Repetitive Beats (Clause 58 Government Criminal Justice Bill) which was the start of control over what we listen to.......we believe this has healing properties of the frequency and thats why governments banned it - it never harmed anybody it brought people together in harmony and well being ....and all our tracks are mostly white label so they came in underneath the radar and thats why it makes u feel better

All I can find today on gov website is this pdf -

SN01889.pdf (parliament.uk)

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Gift a little back

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