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i know they probably look just like normal clouds but when we go on our travels what happens is there is a dome that comes above us so if u can imagine as far as the eye can see to the horizon that becomes like a spinning dome, it then fills with energy tons of it and then what happens is the energy and cloud systems work together so the clouds attach themselves to energy in picture form so the actual inside of the dome tells the story in pictures within the clouds 

We try our best to video or take photos etc hoping one day to bring some of it back when we're in it the videos and photos you can still see the dome and energy but we don't hold our breath cuz we've tried bringing photos back before and videos and they dont travel well lol it must be something to do with the 3d matrix its not allowed in but like we spoke about on our last podcast its not the energy you blend together your actually blending stories which sort of makes sense and then the stories create the energy and then the physical is created with the energy within the story so it all becomes 1, for years we always thought we was blending different energies and i suppose you are in 1 way blending the energy of the story but without the story there is no energy and then the physical form is created within all that .....not all the back stories we go on are way hey theres alot of fucked up stories within it and also many stories within 1 story like loads of different time lines within 1 travel but all these photos as random as they look are possible port holes that are open at the time of our travels so we thought we'd just share to see if anybody feels anything, and its also not being scared of the fucked up stories we've learnt that because it always brings a positive message out from it and hey it might be our own weaknesses we've gotta face if anybody wants to sit with them dont be scared of them, cuz hey we live in a fucked up story


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