Some of the benefits of home made quinine

Heres my story...In 1993 i went in to have my wisdom teeth pulled..They pulled all 4 of them.but on the bottem left side it never felt right, it felt like a nawing feeling at times and i wanted to dig at it, but it would come and go..After 6 months of having the teeth pulled, I started having very painful orgasms when i had sex, Remind you i was in my early 20s married with a baby, I thought i was going nuts.I went to the doctor and they scoped me but never found anything wrong.I told them it felt like a nerve in my prostate and they didnt search any farther, After 6 months of painful sex it finally relieved and then i started having a ear ache on my left side, Again i go back to the doctor and they do a scan on my sinuses and see nothing.I went thru painful ear aches for about 6 months and it finally eased up,I literally thought i was going nuts. Then i started running a very low grade fever and by the way , I ran that fever for 18 years.Id go to a different doctor and tell them what im going thru and the having a fever, They would say oh its allergies, excuse me, allergies dont make you run a fever..My face and body started swelling up but very slowly, i felt like total shit.So back to the doctor id go and they would do blood work on me. But it would always come back normal..2 years after this all started.I went back to the dentist and told him this story and he looked at the bottem left side and said its looks normal and healed, I knew something was major wrong, so i got drunk and walked into the dentist office and walked right into a patients room and told the dentist to give me novacane and a going to up open this sob and see whats going on, He told me to come back in 2 weeks and he would cut that back open..So i went back and he opened it up. He said, oh shit, something had laid in your jaw bone for quite awhile..He sewed me up and on the way out of the door he said..Youll be at the Mayo Clinic before this is over with.I said what, He said never mind...I just kept getting worse and worse until mentally i thought i was going crazy..I went another doctor and explained everything..He prescribed me Metronidazole and 10 days later i felt something hit that jaw bone and my face went totally numb.I got scared and went to the doctor and they said that the nerves in your face in connected to your jaw and itll come out of it, it did but still no answers of why im running a small fever and felt horrible..So i go to a ENT specialist, He does scans and see's nothing and sends me home..Then i went to a old time country doctor. He shoved rods in my nose and tells me that i have so much pressure in my head that he dont know why im not knocked out..He then he says.I think you have a bacterial fungal type infection and he gives me Diflucan..I took those for 30 days but really didnt notice. any differents, by the way those other doctors were perscribing me antibiotics also, but in the long run it was creating more infections...I couldnt get my got to the emergency room and 1 doctor said i was having panic attacks so he gave me nerve pill and it never stopped my breathing issues. Remind you id only have these every so often..Ive been to the ER 4 or 5 times and they would tell me the same thing..I asked them to put me in a nut ward, maybe they would figure out why i feel this way and they would tell me i wasnt crazy..So i started to give up on life.forgot my dreams and marriage and i thought id drink my self to death.My face felt like fiber glass in the heat and id tell the doctors i have a fungal infection and they would tell me, my blood work dont show it.. So they wouldnt do anything..So i started taking what ever i could find to kill fungus and slowly.i mean slowly my body started reversing of everything i felt and it worked on me mentally..I moved to Arizona in 07 and its really hot there and i was really sick.A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Sea Aloe and i started taking that and shit started draining out of my head and in my breathing went nuts..I went to the ER and Mayo clinic and was admitted in the hospital..They done every test you can imagine.I lost 35 lbs in 8 days and all the muscle in my legs and i noticed before at times my legs would get real weak, but this bout took them totally out..The specialist would come in my room 5 at a time and asked me questions and did all kinds of blood work, i kept telling them i have a fungal infection and they said it dont show up as one.. 3 days later they started giving me anti fungal meds with out me knowing it and they came and told me that my.blood work has changed since the fungal meds..The Sea Aloe had boosted my immune system in orbit and was dumping infefection in my body that they found mass's in my chest and colon..They did a biopsy in my chest and found out what ever it was, it grows real slow in a pedric dish..They also said my body was like a roller coaster and everything is up and down like a yo yo and they don't know why im alive..I asked to be released from hospital and that was in 10..I was told to see every specialist there is and stay on top of things..I told them i believe in a God and he runs mt boat..I read about this juice and thought, why not ive takin everything .I made a batch and started drinking a shot of with a vit pill that contains Mag.Zinc, Cal and D..After the first dose i immediately started to feel different and very relaxed..In 30 days of taking this. I have felt better then then i have since 93..Its killing this stuff in my head and body and in another 30 days i truely believe i will be totally cleared up...This is just a short story of what i really went thru.but by Gods grace im here to tell you this anyways. Have any questions please pm me..May God bless each of you and stay on the juice..

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